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Reading has the highest priority in our school. We are determined that all children learn to read and develop a love of reading whilst at our school.

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A few parents asked for some more information about Accelerated Reader on the Parent survey.

From Year two onwards, children that are ready will be on the Accelerated Reading scheme. This scheme is a program where children initially take what is called a Star Reader test. The result of this provides each child with an individualized ZPD score from which they can then choose a reading book appropriate to their reading level from the library. Allowing children to choose
their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them, makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them. Once they have finished the book, they take a short quiz on the computer. Passing the quiz is an indication that a child has understood what was read. If a child does not pass, then their Teacher will discuss with the child what needs to happen next. This may be trying the test again after re-reading, choosing a different text or altering their level slightly. Star Reader texts are conducted half-termly and results are monitored by class Teachers and the reading leads.

Please see below the guide that Renaissance have produced for parents. 

If you would like to know any more then please email your child's class teacher. 

Recommended reading lists for each year group- help sheet! 2022-2023

As promised, after collating the results of our Parent reading survey, here is a list of some fantastic websites which will guide you to appropriate reading books for your child’s reading age. Some of you felt that because there are so many books out there it can be very difficult to know what is appropriate for your child. Obviously, the lists are not conclusive but they may help with different genres, authors and difficulty levels.


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 Year 6 Recommended Reads .pdfDownload
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Need some ideas about which books to read next?


Click this link to take you to a website where all the children's book prize winners are in one place. 


Book award winners


Let us know if you can recommend any to a friend!