Copley Primary School





Name: Mrs Potter

Likes: spending time with my family, watching rugby union and making gin

Dislikes: shellfish

Favourite film: The Pelican Brief

Favourite book: Pride and Prejudice

Favourite food: lasagne

Favourite subject: English 

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

Nurse because I like caring for people

Who is your hero/heroin?

My dad because he was super cool, funny and always there for me 




Mrs Miller

Miss Baines


How we teach reading


This week we have been learning about owls. We have read fiction and non-fiction books about owls. We created an owl using a sponge. We  used cotton wool to create another owl. Some of us  also made an owl puppet.

12/11/2020 We have been learning about Diwali this week. We made a Diwali tealight holder and we also made Rangoli patterns

11/11/2020 We held a two minute silence to remember those people who had died.

10/11/2020-In Bushcraft, we found a frog when we were tidying the pond


This week we have been subitising in Maths. 


We have been talking about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it in the UK. We used marbles, paint and glitter to make a firework picture. We also mixed red and yellow paint to create a bonfire picture and we used real twigs and glitter too. We also made a sparkler.

We designed our pumpkin and then carved it with adult help

We collected pumpkins today

Bushcraft 20/10/2020

We dressed up for our Halloween party.

We made apple prints today and then we made them look like pumpkins

We counted spiders today

Our Halloween party

Numbers outside

Today we had a visit from a newt

We have been the hen keepers this week. Today we made scrambled eggs with the eggs.


More bushcraft

Making patterns


Exploring shape

Making leek soup

Playing the musical instruments

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