Copley Primary School






Name: Mrs Potter

Likes: spending time with my family, watching rugby union and making gin

Dislikes: shellfish

Favourite film: The Pelican Brief

Favourite book: Pride and Prejudice

Favourite food: lasagne

Favourite subject: English 

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

Nurse because I like caring for people

Who is your hero/heroine?

My dad because he was funny and always there for me 




Mrs Tuck


Our first week in Bankhouse

Autumn 1 2023

Autumn 1 2023

We started school and we made new friends. We painted self-portraits and we talked about our family. We also began our phonics lessons.

We did bushcraft and we learnt about Autumn. We collected Autumn treasures, and we made pictures using these.


Autumn 2 2023

Autumn 2 2023

We learnt about festivals and celebrations. In November, we talked about why we buy poppies for Remembrance. We made lanterns for Hannukah, Mrs Matle came in to talk about Diwali, we made Rangoli patterns and wore clothes from India. We also performed in the Nativity and Father Christmas came into school.


Spring 1 2024

Spring 1 2024

Our topic was Around the World. We learnt about the Polar regions, and we made penguins and polar bears. We also wrote about the polar bear and penguin. We read ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and we learnt about Kenya and the Maasai tribe, we made a Maasai necklace too. We celebrated Chinese New Year and looked at China on a map. We had a Chinese New Year Banquet, and we wore the lucky colour red. We also made an envelope to give to someone for Chinese New Year.

Please see SeeSaw for all our up to date pictures and videos of what is happening in class! We love to share a glimpse into our world at school.


Reception will be starting PE after Christmas! Northdene have PE on a Thursday and Bankhouse have PE on a Friday.

PE kits- each child should bring in a labelled PE pump bag to school (no backpacks please), this bag will be kept in school and sent home at the end of term for the contents to be checked for size and washed. 

Your child's PE bag should contain:

-house coloured t-shirt- Wainhouse= red, Calder= blue, Savile= green, Hebble= Yellow (this could be a plain coloured t-shirt or a Copley logo shirt. If you need to find out which house your child is in please ask your class teacher. Siblings are always placed in the same house.)

-dark shorts 

-dark joggers/leggings

-PE pumps (Velcro/pull on pumps please, no lace up trainers)

-spare pair of socks 

PE will start w/c 9th January, if you need any help with PE kit before then please ask.