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"You are never too small to make a difference." - Greta Thunberg


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Currently being discussed: Ways to promote road safety.

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What is children's School Council?

Children's School Council is a group of children who meet at various points in the year to discuss issues within the school.  There are two councillors from each class in both KS1 and KS2 and they keep their role for the full academic year.


Why do we have a children's School Council?

  • To make improvements to the school.
  • To make sure each class have their voices heard.
  • To raise and discuss issues.
  • To propose new ideas.
  • To give children responsibility and leadership skills.  


How do I become a School Councillor?

At the beginning of every academic year, children can nominate themselves for School Council. The children write a speech which is then presented to their class. They think carefully about why they would be a good School Councillor and one important thing they would look to change within school.

Each class then votes for their two School Councillors.


What are the rules of being a School Councillor?

There aren't many rules, other than being prepared to be the voice of your class and school. Children must be confident in communicating, discussing and working as a team member.


What do School Councillors do in the meetings?

The School Councillors work closely with an adult to raise and discuss issues in school. The children are given time to propose improvements that could be made in school and steps that could be made to do that. From each class, the two councillors made a 'pledge' on something they wanted to improve in school. For example, our year 4 children wanted our recycling of paper to improve, so each class now has a dedicated recycling tub for their left over paper. 


Quotes from our School Councillors:


"I like being part of the school council because I like helping people and raising money for charity" School Councillor, Year 4.

"We're the school councillors to make the school even better than it already is. " School Councillor, Year 5.

"Being a school cuncillor means we have to be good role models and be kind to others." School Councillor, Year 2.

"We are here to help anyone who has a problem" School Councillor, Year 3.

"School council are always 'Ready, Respectful and Safe." School Councillor, Year 1.




Our latest work...

Road Safety Campaign

On Monday 18th March 2024, we were visited by the West Yorkshire Police who had come to judge the winners of our road safety campaign. Well done to those that entered and thank you to the two kind police officers who attended. We are looking forward to the speed awareness work that they are going to be doing with our school councillors.

Playground Code of Conduct

Our school councillors have been working hard to create new a  'Playground Code of Conduct' for each of our playgrounds here at Copley. The councillors thought hard about what we wanted our play times to feel like, what we think could be improved and most involved how to keep everyone safe. Our new code of conducts are displayed in each of our playgrounds. You can see them below:

 KS1 Code of Conduct.docDownload
 KS2 Code of Conduct.docDownload
 KS2 MUGA.docDownload
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Road Safety

As our school faces a main road, we have recognised the importance of road safety. We helped Miss Naz to create an assembly for road safety which she delivered.  

We raised money by selling buns, that were donated to us from our Copley families, to buy some road safety signs to go outside the school. 



The School Councillors presented the following presentation to Mrs Hemingway to pitch for the purchase of some Road Safety signs. This was approved and will now go ahead!

Values' Week

We helped organise values' week by emailing the teachers ideas for the upcoming value.