Copley Primary School





Name:  Mr Coneron

Likes: The outdoors and gardening

Dislikes: Mushrooms

Favourite Film: Shrek

Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Favourite Food: Pizza and Chips

Favourite Subject: Literacy

If you weren't a teacher what would you be and why? I would love to be an author because I love writing stories

Who is our hero/heroine: David Attenborough







Times Tables


In June, Year 4 will complete a statutory multiplication test. The following website can be used at home to support children with their times table and also getting them used to the layout and speed of the questions.


Please see SeeSaw for all our up to date pictures and videos of what is happening in class! We love to share a glimpse into our world at school.

Calder Class Timetable

Division With Remainders! 


Today we tackled division involving remainders. This can be a very tricky concept, so we used multi-link cubes and wrote stem sentences to help us with our understanding. 

Sponsored Silence! 


On Friday, both years four and six took part in a six hour sponsored silence in order to raise money for St Augustines in Halifax. The children worked so hard and the difference to other peoples lives they have made is outstanding! We raised over £1,500! Well done to everybody involved. 

Wow! What an achievement!
Wow! What an achievement!

Return to school and a new class read!

This morning we looked at our new class read: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We started by putting ourselves in Lucy's shoes as she takes her journey towards the wardrobe and we went around the room building a vocabulary wall to assist us. 

17.12.21 - Our Class Christmas Song

Today, we started our watercolour Christmas cards, using our developing skills in painting over the last half term.

This week it was our turn to care four our very own hens. Each day we went and checked they were happy and well fed. We then removed any eggs they had laid. On Friday, we made a delicious selection of home-made buns and compared them against shop bought ones.