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Teacher: Miss Cook


 Name: Miss Cook

 Likes:  Holidays, shopping and dogs

 Dislikes: Spiders

 Favourite film: Anything with a happy ending!

 Favourite book:  Harry Potter

 Favourite food: Bruschetta and Pringles

 Favourite subject: Maths and PE

 If you weren’t a teacher what would you be & why? Anything that could combine working with children and travelling the world.

 Who is your hero/heroine? Mrs Hinch - I love to organise!




Please take a look at our blog below to see what exciting things we have been up to in class.


If you have time, please leave us a comment - we love to see them! 

Support staff: Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Hodgson and Miss Murphy

Our wonderful class

Week 2

Week 2

admin on: Week 2

This week we have been looking at stories for our new topic "Once upon a time" We spoke about what our favourite books are and why! We drew our vey own version of the front cover and wrote some fabulous sentences which are now up on display in our classroom! After we even had a lovely treat and watched some stories by Julia Donladson on BBC iplayer, there are lots of mini films to watch if you would like to take a look!

We had another amazing week working on number, looking at lots of different ways to make them, we even matched numbers with number words up to 100, ordering numbers and writing number words! 

We had another lovely trip on Wednesday in the outdoor classroom, we planned our very own obsticle course, made it and ran it, even being timed!

Have an amazing weekend!

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Week 2

Week 2 video blogs

admin on: Week 2

Below you will find two video blogs to support with this week's home learning. One is based on Numeracy - addition, and the other is a wake up shake up (requested by the class). Enjoy!

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Numeracy video


Pokemon Go!

week 1

Week 1

admin on: week 1

Hello everyone! This week we had the most amazing first week back at school, all of your teachers have been so impressed with all the different things you remembered such as our carpet places, daily routine and all of that knowledge in those big brains! 

We had a lovely visit to Ravenscliffe High School as one of our pupils in the Hub is growing up and leaving us to go there in September! How exciting!!

We also had the most fun at Highbury School on Wednesday in the outdoor classroom where we stayed all day! we had snack outside and listened to the story 'The Gruffalo'. After, we used our imaginations and acted out different scenes and hunted for all the different characters in the garden, the swamp and the dens! We even got super muddy climbing Mount Everest! Take a look at the photos! 

In school we have been focusing on and showing off our super phonics, literacy and numeracy skills! A group of children who did their speed sounds were absolutely amazing, using lots of our new equipment, sounding out and even spelling the words all by themselves!

Lets get ready for week 2!! See you on Tuesday!

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Week 1

Week 1 video blogs

admin on: Week 1

Hope you all had a wonderful half term. Below you will find two video blogs to support with this week's home learning. One is based on Numeracy - counting coins, and the other is a craft activity. Enjoy!

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Make your own lava lamp

Numeracy video

Week 6

Week 6 Resources

admin on: Week 6

Below you will find our Numeracy and Topic work for this week.

Our Numeracy theme for the week is Measure. 

On the Topic document you will find various challenges based on some different areas of the curriculum - PE, Number, Music, Science, ICT, Art and Geography. 

There is no expectation to complete all activities - pick and choose your favourite!

Remember to send in any photos and videos as we love to see what you're up to! The best ones will be shared on our Star of the Week assembly on Friday. 

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 Maths - Week 6.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Challenges - Week 6.pdfDownload
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Week 5

Week 5 - What have you been up to?

admin on: Week 5

Well done for another great week of home school. Our highlight was definitely our virtual school trip to Chester Zoo! Here are some photos to show what we have been up to!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Week 5

Week 5 Resources

admin on: Week 5

Below you will find our Numeracy and Topic work for this week.

Our Numeracy theme for the week is Money. 

On the Topic document you will find various challenges based on some different areas of the curriculum - PE, Number, Science, Music, ICT, Art and Geography. 

There is no expectation to complete all activities - pick and choose your favourite!

Remember to send in any photos and videos as we love to see what you're up to! The best ones will be shared on our celebration assembly each Friday. 

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 Maths - Week 5.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Challenges - Week 5.pdfDownload
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Week 4

Week 4 - What have you been up to?

admin on: Week 4

Another fabulous week of home school is over. Here are some photos and videos to show some  of the great things we have been up to!

Have a great weekend!

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Week 4

Week 4 Resources

admin on: Week 4

Below you will find our Numeracy and Topic work for this week.

Our Numeracy theme for the week is Shape. 

On the Topic document you will find various challenges based on some different areas of the curriculum - PE, Number, Music, Nature, ICT, Art and Geography. 

There is no expectation to complete all activities - pick and choose your favourite!

Remember to send in any photos and videos as we love to see what you're up to! The best ones will be shared on our Star of the Week assembly on Friday. 

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 Maths - Week 4.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Challenges - Week 4.pdfDownload
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Week 3

Week 3 - What have you been up to?

admin on: Week 3

WELL DONE! You have survived another week of home school. Here are some photos and videos to show the fantastic things we have been up to!

Have a great weekend!

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Week 3

Week 3 resources

admin on: Week 3

Below you will find our Numeracy and Topic work for this week.

Our Numeracy theme for the week is Time. There are lots of great songs and online games to help you!

On the Topic document you will find various challenges based on some different areas of the curriculum - PE, Number, Music, Science / Nature, ICT, Art and History. 

There is no expectation to complete all activities - pick and choose your favourite!

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 Maths - Week 3.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Challenges - Week 3.pdfDownload
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Week 2

Week 2 - What have you been up to?

admin on: Week 2

We have had a wonderful first week and I would like to say a BIG well done to the children (and grown ups) for joining our zoom calls. Here are some of our highlights...


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Week 2

Week 2 resources

admin on: Week 2

Below you will find our Numeracy and Topic work for this week.

Our Numeracy theme for the week is Position and Direction. There are lots of fun activities to do including treasure hunts, assault courses, games and dances.

On the Topic document you will find various challenges based on some different areas of the curriculum - PE, Number, Music, Nature, ICT, Art and Geography. 

There is no expectation to complete all activities - pick and choose your favourite!

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 Maths - Week 2.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Challenges - Week 2.pdfDownload
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Term 3


You will find all key documents for our home learning below. 

This includes:

  • Our remote learning timetable 
  • A bank of life skills to teach your child at home
  • A list of useful apps and websites
  • A range of Literacy ideas you can complete (separate to our online sessions)
  • Visual timetable support (format and symbols)
  • Our COVID social story to support your child's understanding

Each week we will post a new blog containing the set Numeracy learning and a range of Topic challenges based on other areas of the curriculum (PE, Art, ICT etc) that can be completed throughout the week. At the end of the week, we will then add lots of photos and videos of children's work to celebrate the fantastic learning going on both at home and school. 

Remember to email any photos and videos to  We love to see what you are getting up to!

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 Apps and websites.pdfDownload
 Daily timetable.docxDownload
 Life skills.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Literacy Ideas.pdfDownload
 Remote learning timetable.docxDownload
 Social Story Coronavirus GENERAL.pdfDownload
 Symbols for parents.docxDownload
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admin on: 18/12/2020

This week we had lots of fun celebrating all things Christmas!

Our School performance was uploaded to social media so all you amazing parents could sit down, relax and watch your children perform the most fabulous Christmas show you will ever see! The Hub joined in to a whole school zoom with Highbury School, where we watched every classes performance with some yummy popcorn...they were AMAZING!

We had a lovely day on our trip to Highbury where we visited Santa Clause in the outdoor classroom, told him what we would like to for Christmas for being super stars and even got some presents!

We made lots of crafts and even made all our grown up's some snow globes, we hope you loved them and managed to keep them under the tree until Christmas Day!

We Finished off the week with a Christmas party, where we played lots of games such as sleeping logs, musical statues & danced the day away with our super impressive dance moves!

Finally a massive thank you to our grown up's for sending in some extra pennies towards our lovely last day dinner...McDonalds!

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Week 6

admin on: 11/12/2020

This week we had lots of fun creating our very own fact files which will be placed in our very own classroom library, the children each chose an Arctic animal to research using fact sheets and the internet, then writing up their findings and drawing pictures too, the fact file includes a title page and contents page too!

A massive well done to all our little superstar actors! We finished off our fantastic performance and watched it all together with some yummy popcorn, the children absolutely loved seeing themselves on the big screen! I hope you are all ready to be amazed once it is released! 

This week the children were super creative making some lovely Christmas gifts for all our grown ups! As well as creating lots of super sparkly and artistic work to jazz up the classroom and our Christmas dinner table! The Christmas dinner went down a treat, some of the children told us how 'pigs in blankets and stuffing' is their new favourite and they "absolutely love them!"

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Week 5

admin on: 4/12/2020

This week we have been looking at books and sorting them into fact and fiction as well as finding out where all the different aspects of a book are and what they include such as the title, index, contents, glossary, page numbers, charts and diagrams!

We have also been looking at rhyming words, we found words that rhymed with our name and even made them into some super sentences! 

This week in science we have been looking at all the different things we can do to help prevent global warming after learning all the causes in our last lesson! The children came up with some fantastic ideas such as planting trees, having meat free Mondays, walking as much as we can instead of using the car and recycling! Keep a look out for our posters next week!

On our trip to Highbury we built the roof to the huge den in the garden, we worked so hard together as a team collecting branches, sticks and leaves, it looks amazing! Once we finished building we ended the morning in the mugger doing some races and relays before returning to Copley for dinner!

Grown ups, keep your eyes peeled!....

we have been working super hard and putting together a super special surprise to make our grown ups smile ready for Christmas!

Have a fab weekend!

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Week 4

admin on: 27/11/20

This week in the Hub we have been learning all about the different things we might find in the Polar regions (Arctic and Antarctica) such as polar bears, icebergs, the Northern lights and Arctic hares. In Literacy we did lots of work around the story 'The girl who went to the Arctic' - sequencing and retelling in our own words and looking up tricky vocabulary using a dictionary! In Science we have been learning about global warming and how it is affecting these areas! We undertook an experiment using ice and a hairdryer. It showed us as the Earth gets hotter, the ice in is melting quicker and affecting all the animals!

On our weekly trip to Highbury we did some Numeracy in the outdoor classroom, we have some new fabulous tables and benches to sit at! Once we finished working hard we had lots of fun on the bikes, learning how to stop using our breaks!

We ended the week baking some chocolate chip cookies and chose to watch Happy Feet during Golden time as we all got 10 rewards this week for working super hard!

Keep it up, have a lovely weekend!

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Week 3

admin on: 20/11/2020

This week we had a special day meeting our new friend Jay who is starting with us in the hub on Monday! Jay joined us on our outdoor adventure into Copley woods, where we climbed to the very top of the hills and enjoyed the views of Copley Village, even spotting our school!

We have been looking at the story 'The girl who went to the arctic' as we learn all about winter wonderlands! We can sequence the story pictures in order and even tell you what happened using all the new words we have learnt! We labelled all the continents onto a world map, finding out where Antarctica is and even having look on Google Earth at all the different continents and where they are!

We were also fantastic scientists this week looking at liquids, solids and gases and how they change! we undertook an icey cold experiment!

In numeracy we have finished our last week looking at time! Please ask me to sing all the different songs we have learnt and watch out as we sign to the songs too!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Week 2

admin on: 13/11/2020

This week we have done lots of hard work looking at letters, words and sentences!

We had lots of fun being the teacher fixing some silly sentences using 'The magic 5' 

  1. Does it make sense?
  2. Finger spaces
  3. Full stops
  4. Capital letters
  5. Neat handwriting

On Wednesday we had a trip to the woods, we had a lovely long walk following the map and all the signs to the woods and then all the way back to school!

We then had another fabulous outing on the bus to Highbury School, where we had lots of fun in the mud kitchen making mud pies, pouring water into the pipes and collecting it in pans! We then walked to the mugga and rode the bikes and scooters, we are getting very skillful at pedaling, steering and riding on 2 wheels!

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Week 1 - Welcome Back

admin on: 6/11/2020

We hope you had a fabulous half term! We have had some super busy brains as we welcomed everyone back! 

This term our theme is winter wonderland, we have learnt a song all about the different seasons in a year, googling pictures and videos in ICT to see how different they look and choosing which one is our favourite!

In numeracy we have learnt a new song all about the days of the week, the children are amazing,  so ask them to show you!  We can put them in order and recognise each day! Some children have even been learning a song about the months in a year and putting them in order! 

We had the most amazing morning visiting Highbury School, we had fun in the outside classroom, playing hide and seek in the garden and even riding all the different bikes and scooters!

On Thursday we had an outdoor adventure to the woods where we put on our wellies and walked up to the farm to visit the pigs and horses, we saw lots of dogs and even had fun throwing sticks into the stream and waterfalls!

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Week 7 - Scared

admin on: 23/10/2020

This week we have been looking at the scared monster, thinking about things that make us feel scared or worried and celebrating all things Halloween!

The children made decorations to make our classroom look super spooky! We even set up spooky activities outside using spider webs and spiders as we searched for letters and words and mixed the witches cauldron! We designed and carved our very own pumpkins, made witches and monsters using 2D shapes and completed our very own word searches using upper and lower case letters!

We also had the most amazing walk into the woods, we played hide and seek and found a den!

We finished off the week ready for half term with a Halloween party day! All the children looked spooktacular in their fancy dress outfits! We had lots of fun having our faces painted, playing musical statues to spooky music and sleeping skeletons. We won win lots of prizes throughout the day!

A message from all staff - Thankyou for an amazing term,  the children have been amazing!

Happy holidays! See you all in November!

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Week 6 - Calm

admin on: 16/10/2020

This week we focused on the green monster - calm. 

We have been practicing how to do things in a calm way all week - everything from lining up, washing hands to playing outside! We have enjoyed learning new games to play with our friends - our favourite ones are I spy, sleeping lions and heads down thumbs up. 

In PE we did some Yoga. We have also enjoyed doing some meditation and massage. Check out for some great peer massage routines to do at home! 

We have been busy practicing our phonics and played some communication games outside in the sunshine. This was definitely my favourite week so far!

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Week 5 - Angry

admin on: 9/10/2020

This week we have been focusing on the feeling 'angry'. We have talked about what makes us feel angry and role-played some different scenarios to help us know how to react. We tried different techniques such as breathing exercises, running, and counting.  In PE we even had a go at some boxing moves! As part of our continuous provision, we set up a red, angry zone containing lots of things that may help us if we feel angry. Things we could pull, stretch, squash, shake, cut, tear etc. We also made some playdough to keep in our drawers and use in free choice. We made sure that we followed the instructions and carefully measured out the ingredients. We spent time talking about fair and unfair and sorted some scenarios - Corey cheating in a race is not fair, everyone getting a piece of cake for Eddie's birthday is fair. 

In Literacy, we learnt how to use a thesaurus to find more exciting words that mean the same as happy, sad, angry etc. We also used a thesaurus on the computers. Then we focused on pronouns (he, she and they). We wrote captions to match the photos of our friends acting out different emotions. I was so impressed that all the children know our Magic 5 and checked their work carefully!

On Friday it was Eddie's birthday. In the afternoon we played party games, had a special snack time with birthday cake and watched him open his presents.

Hope you all have a great weekend - let us know what you get up to!

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Week 4 - Sad

admin on: 2/10/2020

This week we have been talking about the blue colour monster 'sad'

We spoke about all the different things that make us feel sad, some great examples from the children were:

  • Having a sore tummy
  • Not sharing
  • Falling over and hurting myself
  • Mummy's and Daddy's being cross

We categorised and acted out different scenarios on how different people were feeling in different situations, for example "There is a creepy crawly spider!" most of us felt scared, we screamed and ran away! We have some fabulous actors in the hub!

We learnt about body parts and labelled up our very own model. After we had fun being doctors in our role play set up, helping to make each other feel better!

As hen keepers this week we collected 24 eggs in total! We finished off the week by cooking some pancakes and boiled eggs!

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Week 3 - Happy

admin on: 25/9/2020

This week in the Hub we have been learning all about the 'happy' colour monster! We have been talking about all the different things that make us feel happy and why, such as people in our families, our friends and favourite songs as well as tasting lots of different food. We put all these wonderful things into sentences to explain why they make us happy!

We got very creative, using paints, glitter, stickers and felts and made a happy box which is being sent home for the children to fill up with different things in their homes that make them feel happy. We also created our family portrait and photo frame!

We learnt all about different games and rules with our friends and what makes us a kind friend, we particularly enjoyed musical chairs!

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Week 2 - The Colour Monster

admin on: 18/9/2020

This week we have introduced our story for the term. It is called 'The Colour Monster' (you can find it here We have enjoyed reading the story together and listening to it on our listening station.

 Here are some of the things we have been up to…

  • Colour sorting activity (naming colours, comparing light and dark shades)
  • Colour treasure hunt
  • Mixing paint to make different colours
  • Using collage materials to make feeling jars so that we can let people know how we are feeling, even if we don’t want to talk about it.
  • Colouring in carefully to create a great display of the monsters
  • Learning how to turn on, log on and access paint software on the laptops
  • Relay activities in coloured teams (PE)

 We even had time to have a special birthday party for Elsie!

 Have a great weekend – let us know what you get up to in the comments below!

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Week 1 - Welcome Back

admin on: 11/9/2020

It feels like we haven’t been away already. The class have had a fabulous week back and have been very busy! We’ve been learning all about our class rules and routines. They are taking their jobs very seriously and have been practising washing up, setting up snack, being line leader etc. Somebody came into our classroom and made a HUGE mess so we had to work as a team to tidy up and find the right place for everything. We were finished in less than 5 minutes! We’ve also spent lots of time learning the names of and playing games with our two newbies Thomas and Joshua, as well as our new staff! We each made a picture of ourselves to put on our display with a selfie and our name. Lots of rewards have been earned for following our class rules, doing some work or being a kind friend. If they are half as tired as me, they will sleep very well this weekend! Have fun!


If you have time, please leave a comment on our blog

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Growing up!

admin on: 8/6/2020

Hello. Are you ready for another week of home schooling?

This week we are going to be doing some Science - I've got my lab coat ready, have you? We are going to be thinking about growing up and how people change. Watch the video to find out about the activities you could do and remember to look at the resources attached below.

'The Growing Story' by Ruth Krauss

'When I grow up' by Andrew Daddo and Jonathan Bentley

Growing up song 

When I grow up dance 

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Walking on sunshine...

admin on: 1/6/2020


I hope you all had a lovely holiday last week and are ready for some more home learning! Remember to keep checking the previous blogs below as there are LOTS of ideas to keep you busy. After hearing about the lovely walks you are going on with your grown ups, I decided to focus on activities to do on your daily walk this week. I have come up with 15 different activities. Can you think of any more things you could do? What do you like to do on your daily walk? Let me know in the comments below. Remember to send me photos / videos showing what you've been up to. I wonder who will be star of the week this week...

Here's a walking song to get you in the mood.... 

Have fun!

Remember our whole class Zoom call on Thursday at 1pm! See you then :)

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Games for our Zoom call

admin on: 18/5/2020

Hello! I hope you're all well. I will be in touch with you all this week to discuss the arrangements starting from June 1st. I look forward to seeing you on our whole class Zoom call this Thursday (1pm). You loved playing our Spiderman game last week so I have thought of some different games that we can play. Can you practise them at home with your grown ups?

There's lots of things to download below to help...

See for some great online memory games!

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admin on: 11/5/2020

Hello! I hope you are all well. I really enjoyed our class video call on Thursday – it was lovely to see all of your smiling faces. This week, I have a special challenge for you before our next call on Thursday at 1pm. I would like you to practice asking and answering questions.

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

I have attached a video with the symbols and signs that we use in class to help us.

Here are some ideas of what you could do…

Make a question dice. Roll the dice and see what you land on. Think of a question starting with that word. Remember to take it in turns

Use a spinning wheel to select a question word -

List some questions you could ask your friends on Thursday (What have you been doing? Where did you walk?)

Use the conversation starter cards attached below

Complete a sorting activity – is a question or not a question?

Practice writing questions using the question mark (?)

Can you find any questions in a book?

Make a quiz for your family

Use the picture scenes attached below – can you answer the questions?

Read a story with your grown up and answer questions about it (What is the little girl wearing? How is the boy feeling?)

 EXTRA CHALLENGE: If you are feeling REALLY clever this week, try to answer the questions using full sentences!


Please let me know what you get up to this week. Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

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Money, money, money!

admin on: 4/5/2020

This week's blog is all about money. Watch my video for lots of fun activities to do!

Click the links to play some great money games using your iPad or computer:

We use many of these games in school and love them! There are games to practise recognising, naming and ordering coins, as well as ones where you can count and make different amounts to buy items.

Listen to the money song to learn about the different coins...

You could even have a go at making your own piggy bank to save money. Have a look at some ideas here: 

See below for some useful documents I have saved that you can print off and use. Have fun!

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Life skills

admin on: 27/4/2020

Hello again!

This week's blog is inspired by our very own Elsie. She was star of the week on Friday for helping out around the house WITHOUT being asked! She has been making the bed, washing up and cleaning the worktops and floor. I have also been very busy this weekend doing lots of jobs in my house. Watch the video to see. There are some challenges for you to complete at the end.

Note to parents: Please take time to practise these skills as they are very important! Not only will they make your lives easier (hopefully) but they also encourage independence which is crucial for your child's future. There are some useful resources below.

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admin on: 20/4/2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a lovely Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate! I have loved hearing what you’re all up to so please keep me updated through email or by commenting on the blog. This week I would like us to focus on writing. Here are 3 example activities you can do…


Activity 1: Can you practise your letters? Make sure you remember which way round you move and how they sit on the line - are they tall or do they go under the line? You can practise writing capital letters too! If you’re feeling really clever get your grown up to give you some words or sentences to write!


There’s lots of fun ways to practise handwriting. Here a few below:


  • Use your finger / end of a pencil / stick to write in shaving cream, salt, soil or sand.
  • Put paint in a plastic bag and write on the bag.
  • Use water and a paintbrush to write letters outside (ground or wall)
  • Make letters out of Lego bricks.
  • Trace letters on someone’s back and they guess what it is (take turns).
  • Write letters in lemon juice on paper with a cotton swab. Use an iron or hair dryer to make the letters magically appear.
  • Make letters out of pipe cleaners.
  • Write letters on the ground using chalk.
  • Use toys or clothes to make letter shapes on the floor.

 Check out this website for more multi-sensory ideas

 You could even create magic moving letters. See how here…


ICT games for writing letters


ICT game for writing sentences


Activity 2: Now it’s your turn to be the teacher! Can you use our Magic 5 checklist to fix my sentences? Oh dear, what have I forgotten? Can you make your own up and see if your Mum, Dad, brothers or sisters can fix the mistakes?


Activity 3: Create a diary of what you do each day. This could be a video, picture, written or typed diary. You could do it in a different way each time. Remember to say your sentence out loud lots so you don’t forget it. To help you can count the words on your fingers, record it or use Lego pieces to show each word. It would be nice to draw or add photos for each day if you can. Take a look at my examples to see what I’ve been up to.


 Have fun. I look forward to seeing your great work!




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Miss Cook's reading

admin on: Story

Listen to me read the story 'Guess how much I love you' @ 

(Sorry I had to remove the video from the blog due to copyright issues).

Take a look at the websites below for lots of great activities based on the story... 

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter

admin on: 6/4/2020

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well and keeping busy at home. You might not have realised but we are now in the Easter holidays so let's have some Easter FUN! Below are lots of exciting activity ideas you can do over the next couple of weeks. There's Easter challenges, Easter yoga, songs and dances as well as lots of different craft ideas. Also check out the clues (attached below) to create your own Easter Egg hunt. There’s two options to choose from – one is linked to rhyme. Can you go one better and make your own clues up?


See the links below for some ‘Easter’ themed games to help with your Numeracy and Literacy:

Number Hunt

Rabbit takeaway game

Animal hide and seek (linked to number and counting)

Down on the farm (counting)

Forest Phonics game

Big Letter Bunnies (match the upper and lower case letters)

Listen to the story: ‘Peter Rabbit and the Giant Pumpkin’


This website has lots of exciting ‘Easter’ games (egg hunt, colouring, puzzles etc):

Twinkl is also a great website for resources if you wanted more – parents have been given free access to support children whilst they are at home. Here is the link to the website


I'm going to see if I can do some Easter themed activities too so keep checking to blog to see what I've been up to! I have received a few this week but keep sending me photos and/or videos of what you've been doing! When I get some more, I will make a little video for you all to watch.




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admin on: 30/3/2020

Hello! I hope you’re all still happy and healthy. How have you all been getting on with the rainbow activities? What else have you been up to? I would love to see so please let me know! You can email me on, comment on the blog post or post on the Highbury Facebook page where you’ll see lots of other children’s work.

As I said in last week’s blog we will continue with the RAINBOW topic for another week. This week I have also got some extra challenges for you; focusing on keeping healthy and reading.

 How many challenges can you do? You get 1 point for each challenge. Who is going to win? Can anyone get all 10 points?

 Keeping healthy!

  1. Complete Joe Wicks workout at 9am every day. I’ve been doing it – it’s great fun!


  1. Go on a walk with your grown ups – how many rainbows can you see in people’s windows?


  1. Check out this rainbow dance


  1. Make (and eat) a delicious rainbow fruit salad and/or rainbow pizza. How many different ingredients have you used? Are you brave enough to try them all? YUM!


  1. Can you complete an ‘Andy’s wild workout’? These fun workouts are based on different animals from around the World.


  1. Can you sing the alphabet? Can you put the letters in the correct order? Can you name and state the sound for each letter in the alphabet? A = name is ‘ay’ sound is ‘a’. B = name is ‘bee’ sound is ‘b’ This is a lovely song to help…


  1. Can you think of or find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet?


  1. Take part in a Phonics lesson on YouTube. We follow the RWI scheme in school. The videos are saved online for 24 hours and will be repeated over the holidays.

                      - Speed Sounds Set 1 - 9.30 am (Oliver, Elsie and Amna)

                      - Speed Sounds Set 2 – 10.00 am (Corey, Eddie and Adam)

                      - Speed Sounds Set 3 – 10.30 am (Eddie and Adam)


  1. How many of the high frequency words can you read and spell? These are words that we see all the time. You can play lots of games to help learn these – hide and seek, swat, bingo, playdough (more ideas below). There’s also online games to play -


  1. Choose a book to read (you could read it or your grown up could help you). Can you answer questions about the book? Remember: who, what, where, when, why and how.


Corey and Elsie also follow the See and Learn programme in school to help with sight words. There’s more information about this on the Highbury School website – Monkeys blog.

 Have fun!

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admin on: 23/3/2020

You may have seen in the news that there are lots of rainbows popping up in people’s windows around the UK (if not here it is: To link with this and help make others smile, Highbury have decided to focus our home learning activities around RAINBOWS. We are asking all families to create their own rainbow to display in their window. You can use whatever you like (felt tips, paint, crayons, paper, recycling, food, things you find outdoors…). There's already some great examples of children's work on the Highbury Facebook page!

I have also created a collection of activity ideas you can do with your child all linked to our RAINBOW theme (see document below). I'm going to do a colour treasure hunt this afternoon so watch this space to see what I find! Please do not worry about having to complete all activities as this is not expected. We will do this topic over 2 weeks so there's plenty of time to get bits done or you could even think of your own ideas!

Check out the Highbury @ Home Pinterest page for further ideas – click on the link below.

Please send me photos or comment on the blog or Highbury Facebook page to let us know what you’ve been up to – it would be great to keep in touch!

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Home learning guidance

School closure

admin on: Home learning guidance

Please see the statement about school closure on Highbury School website 

The following documents were sent home with your child this week: 

- A home learning guidance pack for parents and carers (I have also attached this document below) 

- An activity pack 

- A list of other ideas, websites etc for your child to use (see school diary).

I have also attached two social stories below to help the children understand what is happening. One is for the children who will attend Highbury and one is for those who are staying at home with parents .Please check it is the relevant story before sharing with your child.

The most important thing is to try and keep a regular routine for your child. There are example timetables in the home learning guidance pack. I have also attached some further ideas here that have been shared by other schools (mainstream and specialist). Please keep an eye on the following for regular updates and further activity ideas....

- Our class blog

- Highbury School website (       

- Highbury School Facebook page

Copley Primary School Facebook - you will need to join the private group

Please keep us updated with what you are getting up to - you could send me photos / videos or simply write a comment on the blog.

If you have any queries, please use the contact details in the home learning guidance pack.

Stay safe and we will hopefully be back soon!

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Activity ideas

Documents to download

Term 4

Week 3

admin on: Term 4

On Friday we had an excellent trip out to watch 'The Tiger who came to tea' at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield. All of the children were so well behaved and absolutely loved it (so did the grown ups)! We especially loved the funny songs and dances we could join in with. 

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Term 4

Week 2

admin on: Term 4

This week we celebrated World Book Day! The children came to school dressed as their favourite book character and some even brought books in for us to read as a class. We got tokens and went to the 'book swap' to get some new books to read in our classroom. Take a look at our lovely costumes...

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Term 4

Week 1

admin on: Term 4

The Hub had a VERY important job this week. We were in charge of the school chickens. Each morning we walked up to the school garden to check on the chickens; we fed them and collected the eggs. We used the eggs to cook pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The we worked with Aaron, our school chef. He talked about the different ways you can cook eggs - boiled, fried, poached, scrambled and omelette. Then we made omelettes with cheese and tomato. They were egg-celent!

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Term 3

Week 6

admin on: Term 3

This week we went to the park to celebrate another fantastic term. I hope you all have a lovely holiday!

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Term 3

Week 5

admin on: Term 3


As part of our Literacy we got to experience what it was like at a real Circus. We used all five senses (see, hear, touch, taste and smell). Here are some of the things we experienced and put on our list:

See - juggler, lights, fire, money, hoopla, bubbles

Hear - jokes, laughing, shouting, music, songs

Touch - custard pie, balloons, wigs, sequined outfits

Taste and smell - hot dog, fizzy juice, popcorn, candy floss

We are going to be doing some more work on description then will write a poem about our day at the Circus. Watch this space!

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Term 3

Week 4

admin on: Term 3

This week we visited Highbury to celebrate Chinese New Year. We had an assembly at the beginning of the day to talk about what Chinese New Year is and how it is celebrated. Then we took part in 3 activities throughout the day.

Session 1 - Martial Arts

Session 2 - Making Spring Rolls (we got to eat them too!)

Session 3 - Chinese music and dragon dancing

For being very sensible we go to visit Soft Play at the end of that day :)

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Term 3

Week 3

admin on: Term 3

This week we received our new dental resources from Locala. We talked about why it is important to brush our teeth, how we brush our teeth and for how long. Every morning we are going to be brushing our teeth in class.

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Term 3

Week 2

admin on: Term 3

Our Topic this half term is 'Roll up! Roll up!' We are going to be learning all about the Circus. See our curriculum overview for more information on what we will be covering. In class we have lots of Circus activities to explore - stilts, spinning plates, diabalo, juggling balls etc. Over the past two weeks we have been designing and making our own circus games to add to the collection (hoopla and can toss). Now they are finished we are really enjoying playing with them! In Literacy this week we have been learning all about letter writing. We looked at lots of different letters and used a checklist to find the features (address, date, name to, information and name from). Then we wrote a letter to Mr Barnum to ask if we could join his Circus. We watched videos of lots of different circus acts. The children had to choose what act they would like to do and explain why. We had some AMAZING letters. Here are a few examples below…

Corey: I want to be a Magician because I can pull a rabbit and flowers from my hat. I am funny and make people laugh.

Eddie: I want to be a motorcycle rider because it is fun. I can do flips and jump over sharks.

Elsie: I want to be a trapeze artist because it's going to be f. I want to do flips and wear a sparkly dress.

Adam: I want to be a clown because people will laugh at me. I will fall over and be funny. I want to wear a red hat, red nose and a green wig.

Amna: I would like to be a tight rope walker to make people laugh. I can juggle and balance. I want to wear a sparkly dress.

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Term 3

Week 1

admin on: Term 3

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. This week we were in charge of collecting the eggs from the hens. Over the week we collected 19! Corey and Adam made us some fruit muffins to have for our snack. Eddie said they were "10/10 delicious". All of the children in the Hub are now joining their peers in mainstream classes for 2 hours per week (PE and Art). They have been absolutely fantastic and are thoroughly enjoying it.

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Term 2

Week 7

admin on: Term 2

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Hub. See you in January!

Please let us know what you get up to over the holidays in your child's school diary.

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Term 2

Week 6

admin on: Term 2

Over the past few weeks we have been reading the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. First we named items/characters in the story (nouns) and thought of suitable words to describe them (adjectives). Amna said the stars were shiny and Eddie said the rocket was fast! We wrote some super sentences in our books, remembering to use our Magic 5 checklist. Last week we focused on sequencing and retelling the story and answering lots of different questions  about it (who, what, where, when, why and how). Then we started acting the story out. We wrote a list of all the things (props) we would need and collected them from around school. The children were each given a character to play. Eddie was Baby Bear, Amna was Mrs Bear and Corey was the Owl. Take a look at our video below!

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Term 2

Week 5

admin on: Term 2

This week has been VERY busy and exciting for The Hub! We had our first school trip - we went to see Frozen 2 at the Cinema. We even got popcorn and juice during the interval! We have also had some very special visitors this week - Adam and Elsie. They are two children that are joining us in The Hub in January. They came in the woods with us, helped us make our class Christmas Tree and came to our cooking lesson on Friday. We will also be getting a new Teaching Assistant in January (Miss Wilkinson). She has also been visiting to get to know the children before starting. On Thursday we had a special Christmas Dinner at School and on Friday it was Christmas Jumper Day!


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Term 2

Week 4

admin on: Term 2

This week we celebrated the Jewish Festival of Hannukah at Highbury School. First, we sat in assembly to learn all about why and how Jewish people celebrate Hannukah. We then completed 3 activities throughout the day all based around mindfulness.

Session 1: Peer Massage

Session 2: Light and Dark in the Sensory Room

Session 3: Making stress balls and filling jars with messages of love and positivity

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Term 2

Week 3

admin on: Term 2

This week in The Hub we have been doing some fantastic work on Number. We have been counting, estimating, comparing numbers, adding and completing word problems! Our work in the woods with Andrew was based on 'The Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. We had to find lots of different sized sticks to make our very own Stickmen.

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Term 2

Week 2

admin on: Term 2

This week we have been very busy in The Hub. On Monday afternoon the children worked in Copley woods with Andrew (Highbury Garden School Teacher). The lesson was based on The Gruffalo. They read the story then took it in turns to hide and find the characters in different places around the woods. They worked together to create a map of where the characters were hidden.

In Numeracy we have been learning all about position and direction. We have used lots of different vocabulary to describe where objects are such as under, on top, next to and behind. We also had to use the correct vocabulary to direct our friends to places around school and when programming the bee-bots.


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Term 2

Week 1

admin on: Term 2

The children have returned to school after a well-earned break! This week in Literacy we talked all about what we did in the holidays, focusing on asking and answering questions. We drew a picture diary and formed sentences to match to write simple recounts. We remembered to use our Magic 5 checklist when writing: checking it makes sense, capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and neat handwriting! In Numeracy we focused on Capacity - we learnt lots of new vocabulary, measured using a simple scale and even did some estimating! Science was all about Seasons. We ordered the seasons using a very catchy song (listen to it here and matched different clothes and events to the correct season. In PE we did circuit training, practising lots of the skills we focused on last term, such as skipping, jumping, throwing and catching. Eddie was awarded the class EARTH award this week for his excellent attitude to learning and fantastic sentence work!

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Term 1

Look at what we have been up to over the past few weeks...

admin on: Term 1

Numeracy: We have been doing lots of work on number and place value, shape, time and money.

Literacy: We have been focusing on question words (who, what, where, when, why and how). We have been learning the names of people around school, where they work and how they can help us.  For example, we know that Mr Kaye helps to fix things and Aaron makes our school dinners.

Topic: We have learnt about the emergency services, when you need to call them and how to call them. We designed and built a fire engine! We have practised how to cross the road safely, remembering to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK!

ICT: We have been learning how to turn on and log onto the laptops, practised our typing and mouse control skills and learning to shut down the laptops correctly.

We have visited Highbury to go swimming, use the bikes, soft play and sensory room. We also attended a celebration day on Harvest.

We celebrated two birthdays in class! Take a look at our photos below…

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The Hub

Welcome to The Hub!

admin on: The Hub

Here is a little bit of information about us…

The purpose of The Hub is to provide another option for key stage two pupils with significant special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC) to access high quality, personalised teaching and learning. The Hub is essentially an extension of Highbury specialist school but based within a mainstream setting; Copley School.


Aims of the Hub


  • To provide highly personalised education which is planned according to the needs and priorities of individuals with SEND
  • To ensure that all children experience success in their learning and benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence.
  • To prioritise functional skills that will ensure children’s access to the wider world and their safety.
  • To provide carefully planned and tracked opportunities to lessons and activities in the wider school to ensure the hub offers genuine integration and access to age appropriate peer groups.
  • To provide an environment where pupils can learn successfully at a pace and in a way which best suits their needs.
  • To recognise and support the contribution of the wider family.
  • To support pupils to develop effective learning behaviour which leads to increased self-regulation and participation.
  • To fully exploit the expertise of hub staff in securing best possible outcomes for all pupils.


Teaching and Learning


Children in the hub will be taught in a small class group of between 8-10 pupils. There will be a teacher in charge and three support assistants *this may vary depending on pupil need. Teaching styles within the hub will vary according to the needs of the pupils and what is being taught. At times the children will be taught as a whole class, in smaller groups or individually. Children will learn in a multi-sensory way to support them to recall and apply their learning through concrete experiences and active approaches. The best research will be utilised to ensure that children with specific learning difficulties will have access to evidenced based approaches. The environment will support pupils to develop learning behaviour and meta-cognitive skills. There will be different learning zones in the classroom each with a different emphasis.


Similarly to children in mainstream provisions, the children in the Hub complete the following lessons each week:

  • Literacy (inc Phonics)
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • PE
  • ICT
  • Topic (incorporating aspects of History, Geography, Art, DT and Music)

We also do weekly social communication, motor skills, swimming and cooking. There may be times when pupils need to be taught mainly in the hub. However, it is anticipated that there will be lots of opportunities for pupils to be taught in Copley classes. This may be linked to a specific topic. For example, if a pupil in the hub has an interest in history they may join in with lessons on the Tudors. If a child has an aptitude for sport they could participate in some of the PE lessons. At all times, inclusion into the wider school will be carefully planned and monitored to ensure that outcomes are achieved and pupils feel confident and happy. It will be important to offer pupils in the hub the opportunity to experience larger class sizes with mainstream peers who provide excellent examples for language and learning behaviour.


Teacher in Charge: Miss Cook

Teaching Assistant: Miss Moyers



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