Copley Primary School

Extended Schools: School Activities

Copley Primary School supports the Extended Schools Initiative and is working hard to provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of our pupils, their families and our local community. Activities include holiday clubs, after school clubs, information sessions and family learning programmes.

For more information or if you have any ideas about what you would like to see us offer or any comments, please contact Mrs Hendy, Extended Schools Co-ordinator.


The Government’s Extended Schools initiative has a key role in helping to achieve the goals set out in their report, ‘Every Child Matters.’ A recent Ofsted survey found: “The majority of the schools visited had compelling case study evidence that extended services had made life-changing differences to pupils that had led to better attendance and attitudes.”

The core offer of extended services is made up of five elements:

  • childcare (in primary and special schools)

  • beyond school hours activities including study support, sport and music clubs

  • referral to a wide range of specialist support services

  • parenting support including family learning

  • wider community access to facilities including ICT, sports and arts facilities, including adult learning.

Click Here to read the Training and Development Agency for Schools report ‘Extended schools – an overview.’

School Clubs

The school is proud of the range of extra curricular activities it provides. Examples of these are: Multisports, art, karate, football, bushcraft and kitchen science.