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Miss Starkey

Teacher profile

Name: Miss Starkey

Likes: Going on walks with Dougie (my dog), eating food, the sunshine, and giraffes!

Dislikes: Spiders, peas, and being unorganised!

Favourite film: Elf/The Grinch

Favourite book: Harry Potter Series

Favourite food: Kinder Chocolate, Fajitas, and Nachos

Favourite subject: PE

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

I would be a paramedic but I am not good with blood/bones... so I would faint!

Who is your hero/heroine?

My Mum and Dad, they have always supported me!

Please see SeeSaw for all our up to date pictures and videos of what is happening in class! We love to share a glimpse into our world at school.


Mrs Miller



Mrs Kaye

Wednesday - Friday


Mrs Robinson

Every Day

Other staff in our class:

Miss Williams - Student Teacher

I have added a few activities for you if you wish to practise at home :)

Don't forget - there are lots of useful websites and apps. There are some fab board games too!

 Phase 3 words - real and silly.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 words - sound buttons.pdfDownload
 TB Game - Giant 0-20 Display Number Line.pdfDownload
 TB Game - Instructions.pdfDownload
 TB Game - Teddy Bear Cut-Outs.pdfDownload
 TB Game - Teddy Bear Number Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
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Phonics Mats

These are the phonics sounds we are learning. We use these phonics mats in class to help with our writing.

Harder to Read and Spell Words

Children should practise reading and writing these words. They should be able to read them first before writing them.


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